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Why I listen to true crime podcasts between clients.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Nope not because I want to tips and advice on how to become a career criminal but rather because if I have to hear one more piece of instrumental, elevator music I might just have to smash my head repeatedly into a wall. (I write this jokingly of course )

After 11 years + working as an RMT I have listened to this style of music over and over and over again, so much so that is has taken its toll on my nervous system. Sometimes it makes me jittery just to hear those mind numbingly, boring musical notes. Of course, this does not mean that listening to true crime podcasts is calming for me. In fact the opposite is true. What this does for me is bring my nervous system into a different state of being. These podcasts provide me with intensity but don't make me jittery. We, in the wellness industry, seem to have perpetuated this myth that instrumental, elevator style music must accompany our treatments in order to facilitate a peaceful, Zen environment. There is no question that this style of music may be absolutely right for some people but oh most certainly it is not right for all.

Most of us need some sort of balance in life. If you spend your days in an environment where there is constant loud, overwhelming sensory stimulation perhaps the very soft auditory presence of instrumental music while you receive a massage therapy treatment is perfect for you. However, if your days are spent in a more quiet, serene environment perhaps it is time for some heavy metal or rock and roll music to accompany your massage therapy visits. Point being, during your wellness treatments listen to what is right for you. While I don't necessarily recommend true crime podcasts as an auditory accompaniment to your wellness treatments, if that is what works for you then why not?

Disclaimer here: You will have to come to an agreement with your own massage therapist(or other wellness provider on what is right for both of you. While I am more than willing to listen to things other than relaxation music I absolutely draw the line at anything racist, offensive or in poor taste.

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As a musician, I can relate to this veery much. I prefer silence when I have an acupuncture session or massage, or meditation for that matter. I am surrounded by music all day, and silence is golden. People often think the opposite is true for me, that I would always want some kind of music on "in the background." For those of us that actively are tuned to any given environment and are present - there is no such thing as "background music." It's the same thing for me when I go to the pub on a quiet Sunday and ask the staff if they would mind switching the music from 80's dance hits to something that would more fit…

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